The ultmate collection of cartoons on pause. is an extensive collection of screenshots from selected animated TV shows; featuring the largest single collection of screenshots from The Angry Beavers with over 3600 images to choose from, as well as hundrends more from other shows.

the angry beavers The Angry Beavers |

Dedicated to Mitch Schauer's greatest accomplishment in TV entertainment.
familyguy Family Guy.
A gallery dedicated to Brian Griffin, the family dog.
catdog Catdog.
The life and times of a cat and a dog with a unique twist: they're connected, literally.
rocko Rocko's modern life.
The story of a wallaby, born and raised in the sunburned land Down Under, Australia, and now living in the USA.
footrotflats Footrot Flats.
A selection of pictures from the classic New Zealand comic series by Murray Ball.
courage Courage the cowardly dog is almost afraid of everything and with the help of his computer he battles the villians and saves the day.
looney Looney tunes.
A gallery from the latest adaption of the Looney Tunes show.
roger Roger Rabbit.
Screenshots from the greatest toon/real-world cross over movie ever.
rabbit Rabbit.
A Collection of Rabbit pics from Winnie the Pooh. Images donated by a friend.
balto Balto.
Screenshots from the animated movie Balto.
regularshow Regular Show.
Screenshots of Mordecai and Rigby.

norbert beaver